Behemoth Sleeps presents



What is Ambient Sleepover?

A relaxing and transformative night for lovers of ambient music


Affinity Hall in the coLab space


Every other Thursday

6pm - 8pm


Sept. 14th

Sept. 28th

Oct. 12th

Nov. 9th

Nov. 23rd

Dec. 7th


Free and open to the public. Donations taken at the door. Ambient Sleepover is about both community connection and personal introspection. Both healthy social connections and a healthy connection between your mind, body, and spirit.

What is an Open Ambient Mic?

A chance for anyone to share thoughts, feelings, and emotions through sound. A mic and 1/4" instrument input will be available for anyone to use. The sound will be filtered into the Behemoth Sleep's audio system to become part of the ambient soundscape. The Open Ambient Mic is more focused on sounds, melodies, and tones than a tradional open mic which is about performing a complete song. Bring an instrument, use your voice, or show off a found sound from at tradionally non-musical source.

Who will be performing in the second hour and can I perform?

Behemoth Sleeps will be performing with guests, as well as the possibilty of a second act from another artist.

Artist creating and experimenting in the broad sphere of the ambient genre are most welcome to perform. Anyone interested in performing are encourged to attend the Open Ambient Mic portion and be a participant in community.